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... El tren de mercancías me enseñó a gritar. Bob Dylan, detalle de la ilustración para la expo Poesíes il.lustrades,a Rocafort, València. 28 de novembre. ... #bobdylan #poetsofinstagram #poesiasilustradas #poesias #visualpoetry #illustracions #illustrations #ilustrandopoesias #illustrationoftheday #dibuix #artforfreedom #arthunter #artgram #artistsoninstagram #artwork #falsograbado #acrilico #ink #blackindianink #tintaxina


today’s gratitude is for how all the light gets in. silvi 185/365 . the @sfleonardcohenfest stunned and wowed and filled 3 nights with so much beauty. truly honored and humbled to have been part! . this is a pic of me at the end of the night performing the poem i wrote about the entire evening while the night was going on. the poem truly would not have been what it was without everyone’s performances and, of course, leonard cohen’s brilliance and inspiration. it’s an experience i’ll treasure. . p.s. eventually, i will type up the poem and post the video! i gotta get through 20+ hours of events in the next 5 days first! which reminds me: come find me at the ferry building this saturday nov 16th 7:30am-2:30pm for poems sponsored by apple pay! . #thepoetrystore #silvialcivar #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poetsofinsta #humbled #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersofinsta #poetrycommunity #community #life #typewriter #writingcommunity #strangers #tears #typewriterpoet #reflection #connection #vulnerability #sf #leonardcohen #cafedunord #365daychallenge #365 #gratitude


Let's try doing this guys! Let's try being grateful for everything that we have, that might give us more reasons to be grateful for, this ways we'll always have abundance of what we do! Let's not take anything for granted from today, or at least let's try not doing it so that eventually it becomes a part of us. Let's try being our best selves and let's attract the best for ourselves. The thing is, I am pretty terrible at following routines but at times, the pressure of doing the right thing makes me wanna do the right thing on the right time, so I really hope that I follow this routine as much as I can, and I really hope that a lot of you join in on this movement. At the end of the day it's all about what difference you can make in this world, if I am able to impact life of even a single person out there, I believe the goodness and kindness will comeback to me in magical ways, so if you too wish to join in, use #letsbegrateful and #letsnotfilterit to spread the word. Let's be grateful and let's make this world a better place for ourselves guys. Also, feel free to share this with your friends and do get them to do this too. If you don't wanna share it, it's fine, but do practice this at least! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #letsnotfilterit #Gratitude #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #goodquote #quote #Thankyou #magic #secret #lawofattraction #universe #thekindnessbug #goodvibes #instagood #inspiration #followforfollowback #grateful #lifesgood #goodthought #motivationalquotes #inspiration #goodmorning #dailyquotes #goodvibes #follow #spreadlove #poets #likeforlikes #poemsofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #instagram


To Veer Zaara. For someone who believes in love and swears by the very existence of it, watching you both struggle for your entire life was not just scary, but equally alarming. But when I saw you for the first time, I understood why waiting was what you did, when you could've easily moved away. I've always wanted a love so strong, a love so pure, that it withstands anything and everything. So when the 7 year old me saw you both for the very first time, she fell in love with the perfect Yashraj setting, mustard fields and Shah Rukh Khan. It never occurred to her what she had seen, until she was old enough to fall in love herself. When I saw you both again, with a mind older than the first time, the first thing that I noticed was Veer's fearlessness and Zaara's courage. Where one wasn't scared to fall, the other was ready to move mountains and board trains, if that is what it took to complete promises made out of love and duty. I fell in love with the countries that know nothing but love, grow the same crops, have the same faces and are each other's reflection, even though the mirror on the either side is covered with the thought of how the other side isn't worthy of being called home. 15 years ago, an Indian pilot fell in love with a Pakistani girl. In the rawest, simplest form possible. He fell in love with the human in her, she fell in love with the heart in him. Borders separated them, relationships took names which weren't supposed to be taken together. And I waited, along with both of them, along with both of you. And ever since, I haven't been able to take your names apart. Veer Zaara. You're what love means to me. Patient. Unconditional. True, and immortal. Thank you, for making me believe in the existence of it. Yours, A girl who'll never take your names apart. #15YearsOfEternalVeerZaara #15YearsOfVeerZaara #VeerZaara


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/excerpt from a poem in progress / a photo of mine and my boyfriend’s hands/ 🕯 ———— I’ve been inspired by Caitlin @cgcpoems and have decided to start sharing shorter quotes and excerpts from my poems. that way, i’ll be able to post more frequently while also not showing you everything (since i’m trying my best to be all ~mystical and secretive~ about my book, so that once it is published, you haven’t already seen it all). i hope you’ll enjoy this little new path this account will be strolling onto, thank you for bearing with me as i find myself, or rather, the image i want of myself, in this mess<3


to the love that disappeared in the realm of impossibilities the love that cornered itself in the abandoned bookshelves filled with books of failed artists the love that went cold in hot summers of july and deserted in the pockets of road side beggars the love that was all curled up on the warm sofa of that small hut in the forgotten woods the love that wanted to stay a little more in the soul of unconditionality art by @anthony.brault


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🌈 The magic you will never have, cause you never really fought for it. -Loads of love 🖤 #writes #dishamaniyarwrites #writersofinstagram #magic #true #toogoodtobetrue #youlost #fight #poems #poetsofinstagram #loveyourself #loadsoflove #loveyou #toomanyhashtags #kuchkehnahai?


Du stirrer inn i skjermen uten å se at du kun ser deg selv TeKå . Det er forferdelig å se hvor mange som føler seg ensomme, utelatt og blir nedtrykt på grunn av digital avvisning. Og hvor mye makt vi gir til de små dingsene i stedet for oppmerksomhet og kjærlighet til de rundt oss. Det er et tankekors at det til og med på fødestuer og barselavdelinger må innføres restriksjoner på mobilbruken til fødende og nybakte mødre og fedre. Den nye folkesykdommen blir vel utbrenthet eller separasjonsangst pga at vi er koblet på den digitale og ikke den virkelige verden. Kjenner du symptomene? Svaret er enkelt! Skru av internett og 4G. Skru på deg selv og sanseapparatet. Å "sveipe over" et menneske må vel gi mer enn å taste på en teknologisk dings..?! Å se barnet ditt og fange øyeblikk sammen med det, betyr vel mer enn hjerte-emojier og selfie-trutmunner til flyktige bekjentskap eller ny flørt..!? Med to ledige hender kan du både løfte opp, holde omkring og bære med deg din kjære uten sveipende distraksjoner. Og når blikket ditt møter andres, gir det mer varme enn alle ord du kan ytre fra bak en 'duppeditt'. . Smil til et menneske, ikke en skjerm, og finn igjen smilet ditt i den andre! Og i deg selv ❤ . . . #livet #life #barn #children #barnafrst #childrenfirst #se #see #yeblikk #moments #digitallove #smil #smile #renpoesi #dikt #poesi #instagood #instalove #instalike #instapoems #instapoetry #diktpnorsk #norskpoesi #instalyrikk #instadikt #poetry #poetsofinstagram #instapoet #skrivesamfunn #itteståsjåpånavleloadi ❤


These are my lips To kiss These are my eyes To see These are my hands To touch This is my heart To love This is my mind To whirl This is me  Falling  For you #meganbe_poetry #fallingforyou #poetry #love #poetrycommunity #writersofinstagram #poem #poet #poems #quotes #poetsofinstagram #writer #writing #art #lovequotes #wordporn #thoughts #quote #quoteoftheday #writersofig #words #life #writerscommunity #instagram #inspirationalquotes #poetryofinstagram #writers #wordsofwisdom #poetryporn #music


how’s the weather in your mind these days? 💗


106 Soulmate A soul to count on , soul to cry and laugh with, soul to pour out your heart no matter what it is..! A soul to share your endeavour and failures alike, soul to share your fears without any doubt, soul to admit your flaws without any worries...! A soul to hang on, soul to pull you up when you fall, soul to rectify when something is wrong , soul to heal your pain...! A soul to care about you, soul to handle your mood swings and tantrums , soul to fulfil your carving...! A soul who is proud to hold your hands in public soul who is proud to show you to world even when you are in pajamas ....! That person is really your soulmate...! If you find such rare species hold on..! #reliablewords #relationshipgoals #relationshipquotes #soulmate #love #happiness #inspirationalquotes #folktales #awesome #picoftheday #tuesday #photography #chennai #tamil #life #poetry #writersworld #writersofinstagram #instagood #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #writerslife #writingprompts #positivevibes #poetrybyme #motivation #unexpected


Time has taught the most important lessons of life. Valuing people who stayed with you during the unpleasant time is significant. They deserve all our care and love.❤️Thank them for staying. Tag your loved ones. Follow @unboundedthoughts 🌠 for more such posts . . . . #poemsociety #poetscorner #poetryporn #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poems #poem #poemsporn #poetrycommunity #poet #poets #poemsofinstagram #poemsporn_ #poetry #writingcommunity #writerscommunity #writersofindia #writer #writers #wordporn #wordgasm #wordpress #writersofindia #responsibility #socialresponsibility


This novel is dedicated to those who feel like they will never earn a place in someone’s story. I’m honoring your strength , despite the scale of your suffering. I admire your courage to transcend from your vulnerability and find the fortitude to get up and move forward, even when the battle seems impossible. I understand the tonnage of your sorrow because I have a vivid recollection when I had to carry my version of it. But I won’t pretend to know what you’re going through because I remember how it feels for people to diminish the magnitude of your wounds. I stand in solidarity to our imperfections because it doesn’t define our value as humans xo Elle Bor



FULL PIECE ************************************************************ A tragedy looms in secret when I think of you There, I yearn to free your memory out of exile and I just hope that the stars will find a way to forgive me from defying the destiny they aligned in my name It is in moments like this when I think about love and see the world in your face no matter what good waves in front of me no matter what kind of bad is strung around your soul It is an enigma how much strength I gained from all the battles that gave me blood I now wield a pack of wolves beneath my chest and you’re the only one who could command them to their knees Elle Bor


FULL PIECE BELOW ************************************************************ There’s nothing more valiant than realizing you’re all that you need. What kind of circumstances did you face that forced you to realize your strength? Mine was when my mother died. I was only five. ************************************************************ I purged my last strength inside the haven of these fists But it’s too indelible how much more fractured I feel than mended after fighting for the honor of my grief Yet there it was a glistening reflection on the glass window stained by strokes of moonlight an effigy birthed by a thousand broken silhouettes It was her draped in both victory and gore from all the loves that left and the many hopes that failed I’ve always wanted to be a warrior but I’ve been “her” all along I’ve gone through the trouble just to dream when all I had to do was open my eyes Elle Bor


FULL PIECE ************************************************************ There’s an ordinary way the sunlight gathers around your shadow And yet every beam would know how to melt into the clefts of your skin where a hollow has been nurtured by my absence And I always fight it, the urge to come out of hiding To pull the thorns that you’ve given home to from an eternity of being on your knees But I fear that I may not know how to stop the bleeding It’s uncanny how vast this earth is and still you never fail to find yourself back in the memory of this bog As if our pain draws affinity to its equal Everyone else runs to this place for a taste of freedom among the wildflowers But you, You come for the grave beneath them hoping to revive the part of me that you lost here And more often than not, I let you... Elle Bor


IS THERE ANYTHING TRAGIC YET BEAUTIFUL? ************************************************************ In the end, the triumph of our love is held in the eternity of two heats that are impossible to extinguish But we will remain just that, a fire in a cage... Elle Bor


Both weakness and strength can be a shell. Wouldn’t you agree? ************************************************************Do not believe the vacancy on my face nor the way my bearings elude the sound of your footsteps The stories of men who left me broken, they may be true But never the part when they stabbed me numb A warrior rises on my facade with each new claw that mauls my chest The years reared these wounds to grow and now forms a breastplate they all fear Do not believe my strength For there is a crater deep in my core boiling in cries and crackles of injury against bones that would not Rest In Peace They’re loud glass shattering soul-evicting There is a gushing of my own blood that everyone is deaf to until they hear my poetry Elle Bor


DO WE HAVE A PLACE FOR THE ONES WHO WANT TO LOVE US? Or are we still imprisoned by the past that has long left us? FULL PIECE ************************************************************The men outside my door await your regrets The ones who wish to love me but couldn’t And maybe I have a part to play in this incarceration in the form of knowing all along that I have the key to my release but it’s not the kind of freedom I yearn I won’t apologize for this cage A captivity that have swelled around me by all the years of hoping you’d come back Nor for the shackles keeping my feet in place They’ve been smothered wet by the heartache that’s been flooding out of my eyes The waiting came upon me like tendrils of salvation embedding into my skin as a permanent lifeline to your absence It has lulled me into finding softness out of the cold hard ground I’m not sorry for this grief at all This one I bear in your name These blistering scars on my chest left behind by your fading footsteps The same way I won’t apologize for finally leaving this prison as you are walking in Elle Bor


FULL PIECE BELOW ********************************************* The truth is I’m barely treading water My lungs could only afford the havoc of your memory It’s always there in the force of the undertow shackling my feet in place I haven’t been anywhere since except to reach my hands at the illusion of unloving you Because there’s something that nurtures our affinity a deathless attraction between our names A hard thing to silence, this safe fortress in the midst of peril You and I we are the fragmented shadows of a beautiful moment Dying but unfinished Fighting to keep every breath back to each other And I’m always waiting for you to recognize the same unforgiving chaos But you’re always too late to save me from it And maybe we won’t stop echoing our failings Until someone somewhere finds enough courage to end their story the way we should have... Elle Bor


FULL PIECE BELOW © 2019 Elle Bor ************************************************************** I watch these wounds collect each other’s pain making home across my chest And somehow they soften the bed I lay in at night And I’ve been too engrossed in washing my hands clean beneath this downpour Wishing I knew what I had inside them before they were empty The weight of this mist is as heavy as the silence between the roars of thunder and the years pressed together in a flash of seconds There is a cyclone trapped in every bead of rainfall tonight I too have been imprisoned by my own voice And I have been inside many storms before but this one hurts my skin Perhaps it’s to be expected when love dies and you are its widow Elle Bor


And he rolled over to my side , tugging with him the glare of the lamp shade As if the light would be truthful to any of my wounds Some days, he must wonder why there isn’t a single poetry molded to his name Why they’re always about the ones before him And I’ll dreadfully reply That I’ve only ever been used to being the wilderness where men lay their foraging bellies to fill their hollow I don’t know how to write about people who stay I don’t know how to be the empty cup where love is poured into Elle Bor


It isn’t a mystery, this fact of life That has my feet against the curb Forgiveness is not a well without a bottom Yet you squander away the last of my crumbs So merciless and gluttonous Drawing a hacksaw at my every limb Thinning out my faith in every god Thickening the scars in my chest For every time you get on your knees and beg for mercy You need my tongue to lick your wounds While we both ignore the blood gushing out of my wrists It takes something out of me, when I forgive a pound of flesh a piece of bone And I here I am again running to the wilderness to bury this bag of pain Hoping I’ll forget about them long enough to never return with a shovel in my hand (And is it possible for a heart to be wrung out of love? Because I feel depleted.) Elle Bor


There would have been a million ways to wreck love But ours was inflicted without prejudice Hands still warm from being held as the imprint of your touch burrows deep into my flesh My lips remain parted stained with the taste of yours Our hearts gnaw beneath an insatiable hunger like a curse of the undead The bed wasn’t made Water pouring out of the tub Burning embers crackle inside the fireplace Someone banged the gavel and I watched my whole world slip away under my feet It’s hard to quell the irony of it all How we revolt against the end as if it isn’t an old friend who promised to return from the very beginning And maybe we wouldn’t shudder so much when we finally meet its face If only we stop searching for truths from a mirror that always lies Everything everything was meant to die Elle Bor




The origin of this new skin rose from desolation in a barren wasteland From where any flesh is loose for scavenging by animals who survive on the carnage they exile here I am one of the few seeds that grow from death And you don’t get to miss me these days Not when you were the one who buried me alive. Elle Bor


At monsoon, voices roar in the deluge from stifling lungs Screaming names that belong to the pieces of bones inside their hands Like them, there are skeletons swelling my grip I might as well call this home Though this fractured body is merely a tenant to their shallow graves Above my chest, are solid bricks meant to imprison my heart But hardly enough of a burg to keep its feelings from escaping There’s a city beneath my flesh Awash by creeks of my own wails As poltergeists with your face roam the streets Starving for blood demanding rations of your touch But soon they will all die another thousand deaths For it is a hopeless feat to survive on merely crumbs of your fading memory I simply hunger for air at the strength of your gaze now, even as I sit here among its abundance Perhaps you should learn about this replica of hell that lingers in my own shadow Ripping my insides Scorching my skin at times when you’re right there but I couldn’t reach for you Words haven’t yet been made to rival this silent mayhem of being smothered beneath the weight of a love The love I couldn’t give to you Elle Bor


I ran with grave intention fast beastly away from the things I never said and forbidden to My hands are impoverished penniless from this currency owed to the thousand dawns hiding my regrets But even if I left them bound at the neck Their echoes the poundage of those words They return to my chest bearing nine more lives Elle Bor


IN MEMORY OF MY MOTHER FULL PIECE Copyright © 2019 Elle Bor . All rights reserved ************************************************************* I was an alien once in this foreign space feeling violated by the many hands touching my skin Sympathizing a loss that I already endured long before today Its air thick from whispers of a name that no longer belongs to a warm body Tears were an erroneous sign of defeat I learned it the hard way Nothing breaks a spirit more than this sense of utter emptiness For at least, in sadness, there is something real to hold on to There is an ache that accompanies you in the dark and treacherous road You feel something and I didn’t feel anything that day I wondered if there was enough space in her coffin between her and all the things she had yet to teach me and all of the love she saved meant for every stage of my existence I wondered what picture formed in their minds when people looked at us What type of future they hoped for us two Me- the girl who would earn her maturity not by the years But by the amount of wounds that had latched on Tightly Bone deep And the little boy, who will never remember the face of the womb that had nurtured his unborn organs just yesterday I hoped that the tender arms around him was enough of a thimble against the needle pricks of confusion arriving swiftly as I spoke of it God only knew Yet here I am, a child again The shadows of what was buried here cloud in my midst This numb is a friend today it has always been my fortress when I don’t want to feel at all But pain never dies The years merely stretch a stifling hand at its mouth And silences it, for the time being... Elle Bor


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